Temp files not being deleted

This has been an issue for many months - I hesitated to post here as it’s not consistent, but as it HAS been for a month or so - here it is:

I run Blue Iris and DeepStack CPU on a Windows PC. I keep the releases current.

There are files in the directory C:\Windows\Temp\Deepstack with names like: 86d1ce85-c63f-45a1-8635-128535cf9530

They vary in size but average around 200k. If I start with an empty directory (after deleting what is there) and check after a few days, there’s around 20K files, adding up to a few gigs. If I wait longer, there are considerably more.

On rare occasion - after deleting, there are no files here. However, if I sit and watch the empty directory - I’ll see a file appear and disappear in a flash - less than a second, not long enough for me to read.

I’m not SURE, but my ASSUMPTION is that these are files that DeepStack is using for analysis in some way, and that in my case (and others, from what I’ve seen) the files aren’t getting deleted.

Is this a bug, or something wrong with my install?