Unable to reach deepstack vision detection

If i browse i can access that fine. I’ve used a few images with same results " cpu, cpu-3.4, noavx, noavx-3.4 but all are having the same issues. I’m running on container with 4 cores and 8GB mem on ubuntu.

The error I’m getting:

Starting analysis of C:\BlueIris\ai_images\sd-kitchendoor.20200618_200316862.jpg

(1/6) Uploading image to DeepQuestAI Server

System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException | An error occurred while sending the request. (code: -2146233079 )

ERROR: Processing the following image ‘C:\BlueIris\ai_images\sd-kitchendoor.20200618_200316862.jpg’ failed. Can’t reach DeepQuestAI Server at

Hi, there are already threads on debugging this kind of issue. Recommend to review those for advice

i can’t seem to find them. Please point me in the right direction