Using DeepStack on Raspberry PI4 with Coral USB Accelerator (USB3)

Does DeepStack support running on a Raspberry PI4 with Coral USB Accelerator (USB3)?

it does not, just the movidius stick currently

Thanks. Which hardware platform would you recommend for a decent inference performance (NVIDIA Jetson Nano, etc.)?

Not tried Jetson with deepstack yet, but its on my to-do. I recommedn whatever you have available, e.g. I am using and old but decent Macbook

@Mgrosse - its quite an open ended question depending on your use case as to what you would consider decent inference performance.

However, as a reference, I have deepstack run through Docker on a Macbook Air i5 which gets inference times of ~3 secs. I also run deepstack on a Raspberry Pi 4 using an NCS with inference times of ~1sec.

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