Visit localhost to activate DeepStack

On running deepstack I receive the following output, however I receive ConnectionError when I actually try to call the API. Is the deepstack service running?

obins-MacBook:~ robincole$ sudo docker run -e VISION-FACE=True -v localstorage:/datastore -p 80:5000 deepquestai/deepstack
*** Running /etc/my_init.d/
*** Running /etc/my_init.d/10_syslog-ng.init...
Mar 28 08:04:54 92d9ffb4c462 syslog-ng[10]: syslog-ng starting up; version='3.5.6'
Mar 28 08:04:55 92d9ffb4c462 syslog-ng[10]: EOF on control channel, closing connection;
*** Running /etc/rc.local...
*** Booting runit daemon...
*** Runit started as PID 16
Mar 28 08:04:55 92d9ffb4c462 cron[23]: (CRON) INFO (pidfile fd = 3)
Mar 28 08:04:55 92d9ffb4c462 cron[23]: (CRON) INFO (Running @reboot jobs)

Welcome to DeepStack.

Visit localhost to activate DeepStack
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Hello @robmarkcole , we made new updates to DeepStack which require activation before the APIs become active. All you need to do is visit localhost ( or localhost:port , e.g localhost:80 ) in your browser and follow the instruction displayed, as seen in the image below.

The instructions are just the 3 basic steps below.

1) Create an Account on

2) Get an activation key from your account
3) Enter the activation key in your localhost:port and click to activate. The APIs will become active instantly.