Wanted package detection model

Looking for Nest like package detection, I have attempted to train my own model but it seems to not be very consistent.
I am willing to pay to get a good version.
(Hope this isn’t against the rules)


Roboflow has one public dataset of packages:

I have another, but it hasn’t been published yet on roboflow. Mine has 188 packages and 77 null images. It works very well for me, but is probably overfit to my home. What size model are you running?

I tried with 22 images and 7 test (I think this is your null images)
Is roboflow deepstack compatible model?
I am very interested in your model, I will check the link, we are in the US and have a lot of unlabeled delivery trucks (Amazon usually) so the logo detection doesn’t work for me, I am planning to test some tomorrow, keep me posted for your custom model progress too!