What is the best hardware to run DeepStack on?

What is the best hardware to run deep stack on?
If it is not too much to ask for please provide top 3 in each category

A. Best of the best regardless of price.
B. Inexpensive but still working solutions.
C. Good compromise between price and performance.

Run it on a NUC and Windows 10 CPU

Generally I’ve had the best luck running on an NVIDIA GPU. I have it on an old AMD Phenom box (like … 15 years old) and a GTX 970. It works great.

I previously ran it on a Xeon CPU and it was slow … this old GPU is several orders of magnitude faster.

A GPU will definitely help a lot, but you can get good performance out of a higher end CPU too.
I run deepstack using docker on a Linux Debian 11 VM running inside Proxmox.

Initially I had it using the CPU, a Ryzen 1700X with all cores available to the VM. This was okayy for 2x 5MP, and 3x 1080p cameras but usually it would take over 2 seconds to identify anything using the default deepstack models.

Eventually I switched over to a Nvidia Quadro T400 which I got off eBay for around $90. That brought the analysis times into the 400 - 600ms range.

Finally, I found some optimized custom models on the iptalk forums which brought the analysis times even further down to the 200-300ms range.