Whicch quadro to choose for deepstack VM

Dear Deepstack community, i’m currently running Blue iris in a VM on my main Truenas Scale NAS/VM host (E5 2699v3 + 128G ramm)

Now i run deepstack in Ubuntu 20.04 on a HP G6 with dual X5650 cpu’s and get response times in the 1200-1300ms when only using 1 cam with deepstack.

the “problem” i have now 11 cams in blue iris, and maybe in the future more will be added. Of which all will want deepstack coupling, as the alerts, at least in daytime are very accurate until now. (only need to figure out night time alerts).

So what (Quadro) card would you suggest for a setup with 12+ cameras, with some high activity of people during the day for deepstack. I’m thinking about a nvidia P4000, or A2000. But maybe thats way to overkill?

Secondly, more a question to the blue iris community. If H265 decode on the GPU works good, then it will need to do that too to save storage space of recordings. Now i do H264 on the CPU, and its not using quicksync as the Xeon doesn’t have a igpu.

I’m realy looking forward to your (quadro) suggestions for a Deepstack box on ubuntu, or maybe combined with Blue iris for H265 decode on Windows.

(A small test with the 1080TI on 1 cam on my gaming pc got me like 200ms response times, I’ve read scores of 40-50ms from people in the forums of blue iris with GTX1030 so something is going wrong still :stuck_out_tongue: )

@aadje93 when you tested the 1080TI was it installed in your Blue Iris server or Blue Iris was send the DeepStack request over your network to the gaming pc. If over your network you could be see a network delay.