Windows Auto Startup and Minimize

Would it be possible to add auto startup and minimize to tray to the Windows version ?

checkout "startup delayer " on windows , I use it with a couple of apps

Thanks but there is no way to start up the app and then click “Start” ?

I would love to have this option on Windows, its much more convenient and you can set and forget.

Better yet… Run it as a service, so it starts even without loggin in.

Thanks, would you be able to show how to do this ? I know how to start it as a service but how would I set which API, add the API key and make it start ?

I’m not quite there yet. But would be nice if the developers made that change.

However I have found out that you need to run these 3 command lines.

C:\DeepStack\interpreter\python.exe" ../ -MODE=Medium -VFACE=False -VSCENE=False -VDETECTION=True
C:\DeepStack\server\server.exe" -VISION-FACE=False -VISION-SCENE=False -VISION-DETECTION=True -ADMIN-KEY= -API-KEY= -PORT=888

Should be able to make them run as services depending on each other to start in the right order.

After running the first command I get:

Warning: no config file specified, using the default config. In order to specify a config file use 'redis-server /path/to/redis.conf'

Is there a way to add all the settings in that .conf file ?


Hmm… It works fine for me. I have not changed anything regarding the redis.conf file.

I now have 3 services running:
pyIntelligence (depending on Redis-Server)
DeepStack-Server (depending on pyIntelligence)

Using NSSM (version 2.24-101-g897c7ad) to install them:
It also supports redirecting console output to a file, which is great.

Thanks Boost, it’s working for me also, but how to set the service dependencies uisng NSSM?

As far as I remember there is a dependency tab in nssm where you type the name of the depending service